In the field of laboratory medicine, the teamwork of paramedical staff and experts in various branches of medicine is of paramount importance. Bhaktapur Hospital has undergone tremendous change in the last six months with advanced technologies and the well-established molecular lab is one of them.

I would like to acknowledge Medical Superintendent Dr Sumitra Gautam and Province lab acting director Mr Narayan Karki also all the dedicated staffs of PCR lab for the devotion and generous cooperation in the development of healthy ambience. With so many overwhelming responses, what comes to my mind is that “Success comes to those who work hard and devote their whole life to make a dream come true.”

The input of my staff has helped to refresh and energize to produce an outstanding result of the molecular lab. The commitment towards the work has brought tremendous enlightenment in both my personal and professional life.

The overwhelming response has been my reward over the years and in my continuous endeavor to contribute to significant changes and updates. I heartily thank Sujata, Saruna, Renu, Manish, and Rabin for their continuous effort to execute elegant PCR service to Bhaktapur Hospital and patient.

Sunita Neupane
Focal Person for COVID 19