Department of Dentistry



    • Filling
    • GIC Filling
    • Composite Filling
    • Child Extraction
    • Simple Extraction
    • Difficult Extraction
    • Anterior RCT
    • Posterior RCT
    • RPD
    • Metal Crown
    • Ceramic Crown
    • Complete Denture
    • Palpotomy



  • Dr. Prashamsa Singh

Dental Surgeon -8th Level

  • Dr. Sushma Bhandari

Head – Department of Dentistry

  • Dr. Bina Khadka

Dental Surgeon

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide quality dental services and treatment to patients depending on the severity of the condition.
  • Perform extraction,scaling,filling,RCT,prosthesis,mandible correction procedures according to treatment protocols.
  • Early identification of chronic dental disease and its management.
  • Educate patient and family members regarding the dental procedure or disease condition.