health insurance

Health Insurance

Health insurance service was started in 2074 Bhadra 1.From the day of starting to till last month we have provided health facilities to 21,119 number of patients. There are 3 staff including 1 nursing staff in health insurance. Ticketing for health insurance is 10am to 2pm and 24/7 for emergency case. Health insurance facilities include free health services to insuree. Health insurance is the project run by Nepal government with coordination of INGO KOICA. Health insurance start from RS.2500 and you will be provided with the facilities equivalent to RS.50,000 and we claimed the amount used by insure in their visit to hospital for health checkup,lab etc and those amount used by every patients on their visit to hospital
are refunded by board after submitting essential documents.


  • Health check up
  • Lab services
  • Major and minor Operation service
  • Medicine
  • Admission service
  • Emergency service
  • Counseling regarding health insurance
  • {Note: Above listed all facilities are free for insuree}


  • Kamal Garu
  • Anju Shrestha
  • Sabin Neupane
  • Ambika Dulal